Husbands of Stressed Wives Suffer Heart Attack Sooner Than Expected: Study

Wives, please take note! Fighting over trivial issues at home can raise your hubby’s blood pressure to such an extent that he may suffer heart problems sooner in life.

According to researchers, stressed wives can elevate husbands’ blood pressure — particularly in more negative relationships — which may lead to cardiovascular problems.

Using systolic (maximum) blood pressure as a gauge, researchers assessed whether an individual’s blood pressure is influenced by their own as well as their partner’s reports of chronic stress and whether there are gender differences in these patterns.

The findings support previous research that asserts stress and relationship quality have both direct and moderating effects on the cardiovascular system.

“However, we found that husbands were more sensitive to wistrokeves’ stress than the reverse especially given all of the work indicating that wives are more affected by the marital tie,” explained lead author Kira S Birditt from the University of Michigan’s institute for social research.

“This finding may result from husbands’ greater reliance on wives for support which may not be provided when wives are more stressed,” Birditt added.

This study addressed several questions like if chronic stress predicts blood pressure or is the association between chronic stress and blood pressure varies between husbands and wives.

It also looked at if negative relationship quality predicts blood pressure or the association between negative relationship quality and blood pressure varies by gender.

Specifically looking at the effects of negative relationship quality, researchers found that effects were not recognised when examining individuals but they were when examining interactions between both members of couple.

“It is important to consider the couple as a whole rather than the individual when examining marriage and health,” the authors noted in the study that appeared in the Journals of Gerontology.(IANS)

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    i am really very curious to know how these surveys are carried out because neither are they useful nor possible

    besides that who are great researchers who are doing theese surveys
    and how are they qualified for such a survey
    can u please publish thier names and photoes and i their academ ic suh for cayying competance for such surveys and on behalf of which universities or reserch organizations?

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