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Mysterious death of hundreds of fish in Hebbal lake raise controversy in Bangalore.

Hundreds of Hebbal Lake Fish Die, Join Ulsoor Tragedy

While hundreds of fish seen dead in Ulsoor lake raised eye-brows of environmentalists and Bangaloreans, Sunday morning threw up even more hundreds of dead fish at Hebbal Lake, which spans over 150 acres with variety of birds making it their abode.

Though most of the dead fish were cleared by BBMP officials, environmentalist Vijay Nishanth said many more are still left floating. He said, “This must be the result of direct flow of sewage into the waterbody.”

The lake has been witnessing huge inflow of storm water after the recent rains last week and clearly the polluted water could have caused the fish die in huge numbers, reasoned environmentalists. The stench from the lake is another reason they cited as it denotes low levels of oxygen in the water.

Ramprasad, founder of Friends of Lake which seeks rejuvenation of lakes of Vidyaranyapura and Dodda Bommsandra, Bangalore, said that sewage water enters directly into the lake from MS Palya, Thindlu, Sahakarnagar, Vidyaranyapura and surrounding localities. Though the lake has a sewage treatment plant (STP), it was not working efficiently, said another activist.

Washing off its hands, Bangalore’s Lake Development Authority (LDA) said it has given lake maintenance on lease to East India Hotels Limited (EIHL) for 15 years and the STP maintenance is also theirs. EIHL sources however, told DH that they conduct regular check ups of water quality and no storm water enters the lake. “We also had the water quality checked by Fisheries Research and Information Centre and their recent report states that the water body is having desirable oxygen concentration,” DH quoted them as saying.


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