Huge Fire at Shandong Runxin Photoelectronic Materials Co. Ltd After Tianjin

The second fire in a week at China’s Shandong Runxin Photoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. just 5 days after Tianjin fire has shaken the belief that the chemical factories in China are within the safety parameters.

Founded in 2002, Runxing chemical warehouse manufactures bulk organic and inorganic medicinal chemicals and the Beijing Times reported that the Runxing plant contained adiponitrile, which is used for the production of nylon and can be harmful to skin.

Qingdao Runxing Photoelectronic Materials, a subsidiary of Shandong Runxing Investment Group Co., Ltd, with an annual income of about 2 billion yuan, has an R&D center in Qingdao, developing tens of Azo series initiator, liquid crystals and electroluminescent materials and other high-tech products.

It also produces Polyurethane materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and other products, and is located in the Zhanhua Economical Development Zone in a 40 acres area with more than 600 employees. It is reported to be storing 100,000 tons of chlor-alkali, 20,000 tons ADC foaming agent, 7,000 tons of hydrazine hydrate, more than 3,000 tons of azo series initiator at a time.

With ISO9001, ISO14001 System Certification, it has research collaboration with several institutes within and outside China such as Qingdao S&T University, China Ocean University, Xi’an Modern Chemical Research Institutes, American Tyger S&T Company among others.

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