How to keep your skin cool and fresh in summer



By Madhumita N.

During summer, women’s main worry is how to keep their skin cool without sweat and smell.

They go around spas and buy beauty products. But, it is recommended that women reduce beauty products during the summer, first.

The best idea is to use pure sandalwood powder. Pure sandalwood powder and sandalwood oil is available in the market and should not be a problem to buy.

Here are some tips to see how this keeps your skin cool and glowing:

1. Mix Sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and honey and apply on face. Keep it for 20 mins and once it becomes dry on face, wash with cold water and pat with soft dry cloth. This keeps your face fresh.

2.Our skin tans when we go around in hot sun. To reduce tan, mix 1 teaspoon sandalwood and 1 teaspoon of badam powder (almond powder) and few drops of milk and apply this paste on face. Once it becomes dry (after 20 mins) wash with cold water and pat with soft dry cloth. Tan reduces.

3.Mix Sandalwood powder and milk and apply on face and neck.After 15 mins, wash with warm water.
This not only makes youe skin cool but also provides moisture to your skin.

4.During summer we see rashes due to severe sweat especially in chindren. To reduce this , apply Sandalwood powder and rose water and apply on the body. This reduces rashes and also bad smell of sweat.

5.To reduce black circles under eyes, apply Sandalwood powder and rose water paste overnight and wash in the morning.


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