How the Sun could make sea water potable? Prototype Successful

A Britain-based firm Desolenator has developed a ground-breaking prototype that uses just the power of the Sun to turn sea water into drinking water. What if Sun can be tamed to do so?

The prototype utilises a technology to transform salt water and other dirty water from inland sources into pure distilled water.

Capable of producing up to 15 litres a day, the prototype requires no power supply – other than the sun – and has no moving parts or filters, making it incredibly easy to maintain, said a statement.

The unit requires no consumables and a one-off payment will provide water for households for up to 20 years, providing a vital source of water independence to those who need it the most.

“The Desolenator product harnesses solar power in an elegant new way, maximising the amount of solar radiation that hits the technology’s surface area through a combination of thermal, electrical and heat exchange, creating pure clean drinking water through the power of the sun,” said its CEO William Janssen.

The company has launched a crowd-funding campaign to take the initiative into mass production.




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