How Diana’s India Visit, Taj Mahal Photo Fueled Final Split with Prince Charles?

Dickie Arbiter, who worked with Diana and Prince Charles as press officer has come out with a book revealing some shocking inicidents that led to their final split but the seeds of split were sown during their India visit, especially to Taj Mahal where Diana was left alone in pain.

Arbiter said in his memoirs that the royal couple were estranged for quite some before their India visit, going in their own cars and coming together only for pubic functions, he said. Arbiter worked in the royal press office from 1988 until 2000 and his revelations come in his new book "On Duty With The Queen: My Time As A Buckingham Palace Press Officer".

Quoting some excerts from his book, the Daily Mail report said the couple were living in different houses — Princess Diana in the Kensington Palace while Prince Charles was in Highgrove, which is more than 100 miles away. Once their public appearances were over, they would part ways after a stop at St James’ Palace, though for quite some time they gave the impression to the public that they were living together as happy as ever.

The entry of Camilla Parker Bowles, which Princess Diana often alleged during her TV appearances as the third person in the family, happened during their separate lifestyles, especially in June 1990 when Prince Charles had to be hospitalized due to a broken arm for two days. While Diana was not there beside him, it was Mrs. Camilla who made an unannounced visit giving the ailing princess the much-needed comfort in the hospital.

The final nail into the coffin came when the royal couple visited India where they were supposed to appear together but Diana was left alone when the Prince chose to visit Jaipur and particiapte in a polo match and then give away awards. Diana was forced to retreat from her solo sojourn to Taj where she was photographed in sorrow that made to all the gloabl newspapers later.

Even at the awards ceremony, when Princess Diana gave away the prize to Prince, he forgot to kiss her on stage and tried to correct his mistake but in vain, reveals the book. "Realizing his mistake, he hastily returned and, with an uncertain crowd looking on, moved to kiss his wife’s cheek. Incensed, the Princess swivelled her head so that the kiss landed near her ear," wrote Arbiter.

In his view, another majo overseas visit that sealed the fate of their split was to South Korea in November of 1992, where the write said, "We’ve lost this one." The Prince and the Princess epitomised glum in their faces — "her expression pinched and pale, his rigid and morose. Their body language was so hostile it was as if they could have killed each other with a single glance," wrote Arbiter in his memoir.

The book, published by Blink, will be released on October 1, 2014.

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