Honour Killing Cases on Rise: Parents Murder 21-Year-Old Girl in Delhi

The life of a newly married couple has turned into a tragedy after the 21-year-old Bhavna became a victim of honour killing by her own parents for marrying a friend.

The Sanskrit student of Delhi University was brutally killed by her parents just three days after her marriage. While Abhishek and Bhavna got married on November 12, she was taken away by her parents on November 14, assuring of a grand wedding later but, two days later Abhishek found out that his wife was murdered.

The gory incident brings forth the visibly increasing number of cases of honour killings in our country, which is equally disturbing. The media has brought several such cases into light during the last few years, where many girls were shot dead by their fathers, brothers or relatives. According to a report, about 870 cases of honour killing have been reported in the media.

Honour killing is the homicide of a family member by others due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonour upon the family or community, which includes refusal of arranged marriage and marrying one from other caste.

In Bhavna’s case, the couple got married in a situation where her parents had fixed her marriage with someone else though they were aware of her relationship. Her parents denied consent for the marriage as they insisted on marrying someone in their own community.

According to reports, Abhishek said, “In the past one month, they had aggressively started looking for suitors for Bhavna and our pleas to let us marry were dismissed. The family even fixed Bhavna’s engagement with a Gurgaon-based boy. That is when we decided that something needed to be done. Getting married was the only practical solution in sight.”

Not only in India, but also in the neighbourhood, Pakistan, the number of honour killings that take place is not less. Amid, these killings there seem to be a clash between traditional and modern values, intensified by a high economic growth and increasing social mobility.

To recollect, a Pakistani court found guilty all the four in Farzana Parveen honour killing case, which stormed the world on honour killings in Pakistan. Parveen was beaten with bricks and sticks by her father, brother, cousin and former fiancé and was beaten to death just outside a court house. All the four were sentenced to death by the court on Thursday.

Parveen was pregnant, when she was killed in May. She too defied her parents and married a person whom she loved. The case gained attention as it happened in front of police, whom she sought help but they did not intervene.

India too proved not far off from similar tradition as Delhi resident Bhavna is from the national capital where honour killing took place, shaming the entire nation too.

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