Home Health Services Provider ‘Nightingales’ Launches Service in Hyderabad

NightingalesNightingales Home Health Services has announced the launch of service on Tuesday in Hyderabad as part of its plan to invest $40- $50 million to expand its home health services to 16 major cities in India.

Announcing launch, Nightingales CEO Lalit Pai told reporters that the company would have pan-India presence in three to five years. Hyderabad will be the second city to be covered by the company after Bangalore, where it is providing 85,000 patient services at home.

Nightingales, a Medwell Ventures company, provides speciality home care services with a focus on pulmonology, cardiology, metabolic diseases, neurological health, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, post-operative surgical site management for diabetic patients and home dentistry.

Currently employing 400 people including nurses, health aides, therapists and paramedics, it is integrating technology, people and processes to provide services, especially to people with chronic ailments.

Medwell Ventures co-founder Vishal Bali said that the current size of home health services sector in India is estimated to be $3-$4 billion and with the increasing chronic diseases the sector is expected to grow to $10 billion in five years.

The market size of the sector is $100 billion in the US and $25 billion in Japan.

Another co-founder Farzaan Engineer said they their unique subscription-based model address the key issues of accessibility and affordability of healthcare services.(IANS)

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