HOLLYWOOD ROUNDUP: ‘X’ Factor Judge Mel B in Tears on Jake’s Elimination, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner in News

shakira“X Factor” judge Mel B stormed off the stage in tears after Jake Quickenden was voted out of the competition, sending production staff into a panic before ITV2 sister show “Xtra Factor” was about to go live, reports mirror.co.uk.

The 39-year-old mentor was seen wailing “Jake, Jake” calling out Quickenden to come back. Although the production staff intervened quickly to stop Quickenden and drag him on the stage where “Xtra Factor” host Sarah Jane Crawford was waiting to interview him.

Meanwhile, executive producer Ben Winston attempted to persuade her to stay, but to no avail. An onlooker said: “Mel looked distraught and angry and clearly wanted to speak to Jake alone. But TV staff were obviously panicked with Xtra Factor about to go live.”


Enrique Iglesias to perform at MTV EMAs

The organisers of the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) have roped in singer Enrique Iglesias to perform at the event in Glasgow next month.

The organisers confirmed the news Monday, reports hollywoodreporter.com. The 39-year-old singer is nominated in the Best World Stage Performance category of the awards.

The event will also have performance by Nicki Minaj, who will also host the show. The lineup of performers also include singers Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and Calvin Harris will also

This year EMAs will include a new award category – Best Song with a Message. After EMAs, Iglesias will begin his “Sex and Love” world tour in Europe.


Shakira to launch toy line

Pop star Shakira is working on a range of baby toys, which will go on sale next month.

The pregnant singer, who also has 21-month-old son Milan with boyfriend Gerard Pique, has teamed up with toy dealers Fisher-Price on the First Steps collection of baby products, and has co-developed six items.

Some of the products include a bouncer, which plays music, alphabet blocks and a musical soccer ball, reports contactmusic.com.

“I saw how important developmental milestones are and how toys can help babies reach them — including with my own son,” the pop star said in a statement.

“I wanted to design a line of toys that stimulated development in the crucial early stages of life, the stages in which learning can be achieved through supervised play, fostering the development of psychological, social and motor skills,” she added.

The items will go on sale next month and all proceeds will go towards Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation, which helps provide education and nutrition to underprivileged children in her native Colombia.
Taylor Swift warns friends against hackers

Singer Taylor Swift is urging her friends to tighten up their online security to keep the hackers away.

She was horrified when her colleagues were exposed to the world in August after cyber-crooks hacked into cloud storage devices belonging to 100 stars and stole private photographs, often including topless or naked images.

Swift has always been wary of putting too much trust in technology, and now she is warning other stars to be more careful to avoid a repeat of the celebrity hacking scandal, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She tells British newspaper The Sun: “There’s a really dark side of humanity and a very dark corner of the Internet, and they know that the most value will be if they can take down someone who is really doing good things… What I think is interesting – and by interesting I mean really terrifying – is how much of our technology we don’t understand. To me, if I don’t quite understand how something works, I’m sceptical of it…

“All you can do is try your best to protect yourself. At a certain point you have to stop thinking about it because if I think about it too much I don’t like the reality of the situation. There could be someone right now trying to hack into my email,” she added.

Kylie Jenner shares sad post, sparks concern

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has posted a depressing picture of a crying cartoon lady with the words “I hate remembering who I am,” coming out of her mouth.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star shared the picture on her Instagram page Monday, reports mirror.co.uk.

After the post, Jenner’s fans were quick to send their messages of support to the 17-year-old star.

“Not sure why so sad. But know you are blessed and are surrounded with God’s Love. Peace and love Princess,” one fan wrote.

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