Hoax on WhatsApp to Switch off Mobiles Tonight Resurfaces Again

A message on WhatsApp is making rounds asking people to switch off their mobiles and or keep them away tonight between 12:30 (or 00.30 after idnight) to 03:30 AM in the night. Remember that this is a lie and this hoax or rumor resurfaces almost every four months.

The explanation given was that our planet Earth will be close to Sun and the radiation effect will be very high. The hoax message also quoted Singapore television as broadcasting the news and asked people to send the message to others. While gullible people are re-sending the hoax message to their friends or in their groups on Whatsapp, the reality is that every quarter this message appears and goes viral.

It also says, "Do not leave your device close to your body. It can cause you terrible damage… Send this message to all the people who matter to you."

In fact, the hoax message is as old as 2008 and it is being resurrected every now and then. In late 2012, it resurfaced in emails, text messages and social media and again in January 2016. Now, it is again making rounds in WhatsApp.

Wafflesatnoon, a Web site dedicated to debunking Internet rumours and hoaxes, said the warning appears as if it is coming from authorities, cites the Singapore television and asks people to refere Google, BBC and other news sources.

From mid-2012 until January 2016, it kept resurfacing every four months and efforts are made to belie the recurring lie as below:

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