High heels cause Morton’s Neuroma, says new research

High heels are something that every woman is in love with. They go with everything, and adds an extra notch during that special occasion with special someone. However, new study has shown that cases of Morton’s neuroma that are linked to conditions rising from wearing high heels have doubled in the past decade.

According to Health and Social Care Information Centre, cases of Morton’s neuroma in women from 40-69 have increased by 115 percent from 2004.

Researchers of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh analyzed data that ran through a space of 10 years and found that cases of middle-aged women having Morton’s neuroma rose from 1,179 in 2004-2005 to 2,532.

Fifty percent of these patients underwent surgery in order to eradicate the symptoms.
Morton’s neuroma also known as plantar neuroma is a condition where the plantar nerve between toes(intermetatarsal heads) gets entrapped due to compressive pressure.

People suffering from the disease say that symptoms vary from feeling like walking with a pebble in their shoes to walking on razor blades.

According to an article by MailOnline, Andrew Craig, an orthopedic researcher of Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust has said that of the 40 Morton’s neuroma patients he treated, more than half of them required surgery.

He added: “We have known for a long time that the condition seems to predominantly affect females of a middling age, with speculation that high heels and other such tightly fitting and unnatural footwear – despite looking fabulous, I’m sure – may play a role.”

Surgery removes the compressed plantar nerve, resulting the patient in having no feeling between the injured toes. However, there are other options for treatment as well such as special pads inside the shoes and steroid injections.

In a report by the Tech Times, Andrew Craig said that albeit numbness can be a symptom of other “life-altering conditions, such as diabetes,” spreading awareness of Morton’s neuroma “can only be a good thing.”

High heels define a woman’s style collection, but next time you step on those sky scraping heels remember the slow damage that they are capable of doing to your feet.

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