‘Heroine’ Film Review: Last-ditch effort by Kareena Kapoor?

Similar effort by Vidya Balan in “Dirty Picture” brought her back to the centre-stage but proved short-lived for Bollywood’s hall of fame. Close on tow was Kareena Kapoor but one wonders why the younger Kapoor clan girl has resorted to such gimmicks when her films were going well, if not repeatedly bringing box office fame like 2011.

It points to the imminent exit plan by Kareena Kapoor to leave a definite mark of herself on Bollywood and she has gone that extra mile to show off whatever she could. With the story line being similar to the life of Whitney Houston or any other film star in the last 100 years, numerous examples can be drawn and the film’s success or failure will leave a lesson for the movie world to re-make or stay away from such films in the future.

Kareena Kappor or Mahi Arora in the film ‘Heroine’ undergoes depression and fears death, despite her success in Bollywood. Like many film stars, her path to fame was an outcome of her tragic childhood experience. This need not be an instance only for the Bollywood circuit but in every field we see similar characters.

Her relationship with a married co-star Aryan Khanna (Arjun Ramphal) leaves her goping for the warmth that is required in any marital relationship that she turns desperate to woo a famous cricketer (Randeep Hooda in the film). With all the trappings of alcohol, smoking and drugs surrounding her career and life, the ‘Heroine’ is an effort by Madhur Bhandarkar to showcase another story from the celebrity circles of Mumbai.

His Chandni Bar (2001) on bar girls to Page-3 (2005) on media personalities and Fashion (2008) on fashion and style celebrities, all show similar feat. Though there is no need for Bollywood’s bare-it-all film, he has gone ahead and no wonder Kareena Kapoor fell for it, not realising that it would be the last of her winning streak. What Bhandarkar won through the film is lost by his heroine Kareena. Her “Halkat Jawani” may have turned many eyes but surely it would be one of her last juicy songs in Bollywood.

A must-watch film for Kareena fans as she may not be seen in similar roles in the future.

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