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Hero Review Round Up: Is Hero is Zero? Check Here

Here is a quick review of what the media has to say about Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty starer Hero. The film has released and the song sung by Salman Khan has been breaking records. The Salman Khan production is expected to do a good business, but lets see what the critics across the country has to say about the movie.

The Hindu

Hero: Close to zero

“This week Nikhil Advani tries to rejig the 1980s masala for the diet cola generation and has come up with a contraption high on fizz, low on substance. It is a kind of film where the hero makes an entry on a bulldozer and the villain bamboozles with his punchlines; a film where the heroine has to remain oblivious to the obvious and just has to concentrate on her pout when the wind from a fan caresses her hair. Oh! Yes, she uses stupid liberally for someone who is not noticing her advances. It is a kind of film which expects us to go back in time which we have outgrown and enjoy it because the director is trying to make it appear cool.”

DNA India

‘Hero’ review: Despite a weak script, Sooraj and Athiya manage to shine

“Despite a shoddy story line and a weak script, Hero will be worth your money. And it’s majorly Sooraj and Athiya’s earnest efforts that will set the ball rolling for the film. Here’s to Bollywood’s two new discoveries!”


Hero review: Here’s something the meat-banning states won’t mind during Paryushan

“With an equally lacklustre soundtrack, Hero is old wine in older bottles. One is better off, sipping the original one with the unforgettable Lata Mangeshakar’s, “Pyaar karne waale kabhi darte nahin”.”

Hindustan Times

Hero review: Sooraj, Athiya don’t impress in this bad remake

“Director Nikhil Advani’s Hero revives the famous dialogue from Subhash Ghai’s Hero (1983) at a crucial juncture in the film and IG Shrikant Mathur (Tigmanshu Dhulia) responds to it in the next shot. The expression on Dhulia’s face immediately reminds us of his iconic Gangs Of Wasseypur dialogue, “Beta humko tumhare lachchan theek nahi lag rahe hain. Tum se na ho payega.” And, you, in all probability, would agree with him.”

‘Hero’ Movie Review: Athiya Shetty, Sooraj Pancholi Land Themselves a Lazy Remake

“”Hero” is a lazy remake, which fails to fit in but the newcomers aren’t to be blamed. The only moment that will stay is the ‘Bhai’ moment at the end. Salman Khan’s cameo is what rubs off some charm onto this sloppily done film.”

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