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Here’s Why Onion is Good For Your Health


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Onions might come with a really bad smell, make you cry like never before while chopping them or even make you have bad breath after you eat them raw, but they come with some better benefits as well. This vegetable is not only nutritive for your health, but saves you from many diseases and is good for your skin as well as hair. In India, onions are used both as an essential ingredient of food.

Here’s a look as to how onion is advantageous to your health:

1. Saves you from Cancer

Onions are a good source of Vitamin C – an antioxidant, which helps to fight the development of free radicals that triggers several terminating diseases like cancer. According to Life Extension Magazine, onions consist of two components – flavonoids that give them red, yellow and brown color and sulfur-constituting elements that give them the strong flavor. It is the flavonoids that help in the prevention of cancer, even stomach cancer, which is one of the most primary forms of cancer globally.

2. Beneficial for Diabetic Patients

Onions consist of 80 percent of water in them. Owing to this, they have immense potential to reduce and control blood sugar levels, as reported by SparkPeople. Besides, they also increase the level of insulin in the body that is extremely helpful for those suffering from type 1 diabetes where insulin producing islet cells are damaged.

3. Good for Digestive System

As reported by, onions contain “inlulin” that helps in the formation of healthy bacteria in one’s intestines. This in turn encourages healthy bowel movements by the release of digestive juice and thus good digestion.

4. Improves Immune System

Onions that belong in the allium group of vegetables contain phytonutrients, which basically contributes to their pungent smell. It is these phytonutrients that enhances the functioning of Vitamin C in one’s body. Vitamin C or “ascorbic acids” combats with bacteria and microbes until the latter are terminated, thereby strengthening the immune system of the body.

5. Beneficial for Skin

Be it raw or cooked, onions should become a part of one’s regular diet because the vegetable is enriched with antioxidants such as Vitamin A and E, other than Vitamin C. Researches have indicated that Vitamin C is helpful to keep the skin healthy and radiant and due to containing flavonoids, onions essentially contribute in the production of Vitamin C in the body. Besides, the vegetable also has anti-inflammatory components that is helpful to cure acne or other forms of skin-inflammations, as reported by SkinGlowing blog.

6. Good for Hair

Onion juice has been a natural remedy of hair loss since the ancient times. A report by explained that the sulfur content of onions helps in the enhancement of the formation of collagen tissues in the scalp, which is required for hair growth. Apart from this, the vegetable’s anti-bacterial components help in proper blood circulation and bringing enough blood supply to the hair follicles that encourages hair growth. Onion juice also strengthens the hair strands and stops thinning and breakage of them.

7. Good to absorb heat from loo

In cities where summer reaches its summit such as Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, people could often be seen to carry onions with them in their pockets. It is because the vegetable helps to absorb the heat strokes, thereby saving the person from getting affected by it as well as prevents dehydration.

Therefore, next time you cringe at the thought of consuming or using onion in some way or another, remember that tiny thing can bring a lot of good differences in your life and make it healthy.

8. Fights Dental Decay

The wording — fights dental decay — is familiar with Colgate advertisements but it has more to do with onion as well. Onions may smell bad for many but they help in tooth decay, especially eating raw onions may improve oral health. Just chewing a raw onion is sufficient to strengthen your teeth and eliminate bacteria from the mouth. Just 3 minutes of chewing an onion will kill tens of thousands of germs in the mouth. Perhaps Colgate’s next ad will come with Colgate Onion!

A friend of Ayurveda, onion will remain an Indian ingredient and everytime its price goes up, governments tumble to cite the BJP government and next the Congress government in Delhi.


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