Hema Malini Reacts on Twitter to ‘Sensation-Hungry’ Media on Dausa Accident

hemamaliniHema Malini, who never entertained non-sense around her ever, has reacted finally as the media has been dragging her name in the name of sympathy for the child who was killed in the road accident while returning from her constituency Mathura last week.

In her Twitter message, the BJP MP from Mathura, blamed the father of the child in Maruti Alto that was involved in the accident. She said that the father of the child was not following the traffic rules at Dausa when the accident took place.

While there is no response from the father so far, the incident should bring to focus the most neglected aspect of Indian roads — gross negligence to follow traffic rules in the country. “How I wish the girl’s father had followed the traffic rules, then this accident could have been averted and the little one’s life safe!” said Hema Malini on Twitter. While the media blamed her quoting the father that the “Girl could’ve been saved if taken to hospital with Hema Malini,”, she initially said that she visited the relatives of the child and arranged for their medical treatment. While her driver was arrested for negligent driving and released later on bail, the issue failed to subside, forcing Hema Malini to react on Twitter. She tweeted, “As for the sensation-hungry media & a few members of the public who had a field day maligning me even when I was helpless &in deep trauma. (Media) who actually & unbelievably stooped to the lowest levels of human decency, I can only say “Shame on u” &”God Bless”  

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