Haryana sisters beat Youth in the bus. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Helpline for Women Failed to Respond to Rohtak Bus Sisters’ Call, Mounts Distress Further; Video Goes Viral

A day after two girls were molested by three men on a moving bus in Rohtak town in Haryana, police have arrested them and they will be produced in court on Monday. While there have been many helplines launched for women for “quick assistance” after the Delhi gang rape case in Dec. 2012, helplines do not come to any help when badly needed.

In this case that took place on Friday, the girls, who are sisters, thrashed the men in the bus but before that the sisters said that though they tried to get help from the police and women helpline, they failed to get any response. “The helpline attendant told us that they will call up in two minutes. But we got no call and no help,” they told media later.

Since such issues have become so common in the country, it seems the authorities do not show any interest on such cases though they have assured protection, safety and empowerment of women. In order to instill confidence and security for women, Haryana police had implemented a helpline number for women, 1091, who are facing “any threat.” Haryana Director General of Police Ranjiv Singh Dalal had said that this will help to ensure safety of women, especially in the face of threat.

He had said, “This helpline number is accessible from anywhere nationally or internationally and exclusive women police officials have been deputed in each Police Control Room (PCR) to attend to their complaints round the clock.”

When the incident of two suicides took place in Hisar in Chandigarh in 2013, Director General of Police S.N. Vashist had asked women to complain to police if they were harassed, molested or sexually exploited by anyone. He had emphasized the facilities such as women helpline number (1091) and women PCR, which have been started in the state to ensure quick police assistance.

However, this time the sisters, Aarti and Pooja, have filed a case against the molesters Deepak, Mohit and Kuldeep. Though the incident took place in a bus, there was no one who helped the girls when they faced the piquant situation with the youth. All passengers including the bus driver and conductor were reportedly “mute” though the girls were hit and pushed out from the moving bus by the molesters.

The issue was taken up and highlighted by the media once the video was posted on youtube by one of the passengers, who recorded it from the bus, after which police has taken action against them. The video has gone viral receiving thousands of visitors across all TV Youtube channels.

Meanwhile, as per reports, the father of the girls said that the police was reluctant to take the case and were asking them to compromise. People from the same department who offers quick “assistance” has reportedly said to the girls that they would achieve nothing by filing the case.

There had been other similar instances that showed the inefficiency and disinterest of these helplines, which had put women in trouble. There had been complaints that the calls were never or rarely attended; the women called for help were often asked whether the situation was worse, as they move in only then to help. However, while harassment on women is on rise in Haryana, the safety and security for women seems to be a fading “promise” given by authorities.

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