Health Minister Nadda Kick Starts Kayakalp Initiative at AIIMS

aiimsIt is a part of Kayakalp initiative which encourages public health facilities to work towards standards of excellence to help the facilities stay clean and hygienic

Union Health minister J P Nadda has launched the ‘Clean and Green’ campaign at AIIMS, New Delhi as part of the ‘Kayakalp’ initiative to create awareness about staying clean and hygienic.

The Kayakalp initiative is for the Central Health Institutions across the country where they will compete on various laid down parameters for cleanliness, housekeeping, infection free protocols, under seven different heads. Winner of the first prize will be awarded Rs.5 crore, the second winner will get Rs.3 crore and the third winner will get Rs.1 crore.

In addition, the district hospitals, community health centres and primary health centres will be encouraged to participate in this initiative and establish sustainable standards of cleanliness and hygiene, said the minister, who said it was part of the Prime Minister’s Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan.

“Swachch Bharat will lead to Swastha Bharat, and one way to achieve that is to work towards clean and hygienic hospitals,” he said echoing the prime minister oft-repeated words focusing on cleanliness. Inaugurating it in the premises of AIIMS where thousands of people visit daily, the minister said keeping the campus clean and higienic is utmost important.

“Keeping any institution such as AIIMS clean on a daily basis is a herculean task and needs the cooperation and partnership of various stakeholders including those visiting it”, the Minister said, suggesting an environment audit to be conducted in AIIMS premises to assess the benefits.

AIIMS has also taken up an Energy conservation initiative recently with the support of the Japanese government.

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