Health Byte: 10 Reasons Why Red Chilies Can Spice Up Your Life


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Red Chili peppers are an important part of one’s kitchen. Mostly used in Mexican and Asian cuisines, these days it’s making its way to European delicacies as well. They not only add natural color to a dish, but also contribute to the dish’s flavor by imparting its fiery hotness.

But all of us try to avoid red chilies as and when possible because of the fear of upsetting our stomach or burning our food pipe – worst case scenario, but as recent as early this week, a new study has shown that these spices can help in the prevention of obesity. And if that doesn’t suffice to convince you then here are ten reasons that certainly will broaden your views on benefits of Red Chillies:

1. Keep Your Heart Healthy

According to, chili peppers, a fruit pod belonging in the nightshade family (Solanaceae) contain rich amounts of minerals such as manganese, iron, potassium and magnesium. While Manganese is consumed by the body as a co-factor to manufacture “superoxide dismutase” – an antioxidant enzyme, potassium that is a primary constituent of cell and body fluids, contributes in the proper regulation of heart rates as well as blood pressure.

  1. Ultimate Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, which human body needs for the synthesis of collagen tissues – a protein that in turn helps in the sustaining of skin, organs, bones and blood vessels, as reported by In fact, if you make it a habit to eat red chilies daily then the richness of Vitamin C in your body will boost the immune system as well as cease the formation of pro-inflammatory free radicals inside the body. According to Nutrition Data, one 73 gram of chili pepper has 83 percent of Vitamin C in it.

  1. Prevent Cancer

According to a 2002, study in the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that red chili peppers prompts cancer cells to self-destruct. After performing a test of two components namely “capsaicin” – found in chili peppers and “resiniferatoxin” – found in skin cancer cells, the researchers found that most of the carcinogenic cells got terminated after introduction to either of the two components.

  1. Reduce Cholesterol Level

Capsaicin is not only good for preventing cancer, but it also decreases cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides and platelet combination, as reported by

  1. Save you from Stomach Ulcers

Capsaicin is a multi-benefiter. A study by Duke University observed that it has the possibility of curing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), alongside helping to murder bacteria like “H. pylori” that in return contributes to cease stomach ulcers. It also contains a lot of dietary fibers that helps in proper digestion.

  1. Relieve you from Migraine and Other Headaches

According to both and, Capsaicin shines again! Being a strong anti-inflammatory mediator, it impedes “neuropeptide” (Substance P) – related with inflammatory functions. It uses this same mechanism to cure headaches, migraine and sinus.

  1. Open Your Blocked Nostrils

If you guessed the main component to be capsaicin then you’re right. It along with the pepper’s rich constituency of Vitamin C helps freeing up nasal blockages by clearing mucus, as reported by Therefore, next time you get a bad cold and have blocked nostrils, you know what would help you breath better.

  1. Good for Your Skin

Red chili peppers contain anti-bacterial elements as well as it is enriched with Vitamin E, which helps in the manufacture of some natural skin oils, in return catering to healthy and glowing skin, as reported by

  1. Contain Zero Calories

According to if you’re on a diet then consuming red chilies shouldn’t bother you in any way of breaking your diet because chili peppers comes with absolute no calories. Therefore, you can get creative and incorporate them as much as you want in your cooking.

  1. Lift Your Mood

Have you ever wondered why you feel happier than ever after eating red chili peppers? If yes then you’re about to get answered. As reported by, chilies liberate endorphins into the human brain, which in turn helps to lift up your mood.

Red chilli peppers might have an extreme spice and leave you into tears sometimes after having them, but they sure are worth of a lot more values. Therefore, next time you go grocery shopping don’t forget to fill in some red chilies in your bag.

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