Health Byte: Why Do We Skip Exercise? 10 Common Reasons Expert Suggests to Avoid

By Amar Chandel

We all intend to exercise regularly. But when it comes to putting intention to practice, only about 10 percent are successful. Moreover, as winter sets in, it becomes more lethargic for people to get up and go for exercise.

There are ways to overcome such irritants than avoiding daily exercise, say experts. Moreover, yoga at home is always there to keep people fit and healthy. “Other hurdles happen to have numerous seemingly convincing excuses for not doing so,” says Amar Chandel, an expert.

Here are some of the oft-quoted “reasons”, and the reality behind them he has listed:

Reason : I just don’t have time.
Facts: Everyone’s day is 24 hours. It’s all a question of priority. If you don’t find time to exercise, you will have to find time to visit a hospital. Choice is yours. Anyway, somebody who has time for a book, a movie, the idiot box or a gossip session can’t crib about time shortage, considering that one can exercise a lot even in half an hour.

 I have no energy to do even household chores. How can I exercise?
Facts: The more you procrastinate, the more your energy will dwindle. Make a small beginning and energy will get generated by and by. Learn from an infant in a cradle. He cannot stand or sit. Yet, he moves his limbs all the time. If he can do that, so can you, even if bed-ridden.

I started, but my aches and pains increased instead of vanishing.
Facts: You have not done for years what you should have done all your life. Whenever you commence, some discomfort is inevitable. While these self-induced pains will go away in a few days, the aches and diseases that may come your way because of not exercising will haunt you for months and even years.

Do I do my job/business or spend time exercising?
Facts: It’s not an either-or-situation. Have you ever left for office/business without wearing clothes because so much work was waiting for you that you had no time to dress? Going to work without exercising is akin to going out without dressing.

I am too old to start now.
Facts: You are too old NOT to start. In youth, you were fairly active throughout the day. Now that you are sedentary, you just cannot escape a workout. Not exercising then was inexcusable. Now it is sacrilege.

 I have exercised like crazy during my school/college days.
Facts: Basking in your college glory will be like not bathing/shaving/eating now just because you did enough of that in good old days.

Whenever I get time, I do go out for a walk/swim.
Facts: Suppose you have to employ a person. He may be talented but what if he says: “I will come to work only when I have time.” Will you hire him?

 I am sure once or twice a week is good enough.
Facts: Not really. You can be off exercise only on those days when you are absolutely off food. You eat daily. So work out daily. OK, may be one weekly off, but no more.

My weekdays are hopelessly packed. But I make up through heavy exercise on weekends.
Facts: That will do more harm than good. The body will be stiff due to four-five days of inactivity and the Sunday round of vigorous tennis or squash may cause a catch or muscle pull.

There is always a tomorrow.
Facts: Of course there is. But it never comes.

(Amar Chandel is the author of two self-help books, including “Perfect Health in Twenty Weeks”. The views expressed are personal. He can be reached at

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