Pomegranate seeds top all the seeds in terms of health benefits.

Health Byte: Pomegranate Seeds Top List; 6 Other Seeds for Great Health Benefits

Since the age of the Egyptian civilization to present, for thousands of years, pomegranates have remained on the top of the seeds used by all cultures and they were even found in Egyptian tombs, eaten by Babylonian soldiers before going for a battle and a standard item in the Persian wedding and other ceremonies.

Pomegranates, nature’s “sweet tarts” and juicy, the seed is a low-calorie winner and those who want to lose their weight hould first munch these seeds daily. Pomegranates, literally means seeded apple and has immense nutritional value that it tops all the seeds availabel and gives maximum health benefits to all.

Its antioxidant content, particularly ellagitannin compounds like punicalagins and punicalins, account for 50% of the fruit and it provides 40% of daily vitamin C requirement.

In one study, pomegranate extract was found to kill or inhibit the breast cancer cells by abetting suicide among the cells. The University of Maryland Medical Center said: “In test tubes, pomegranate extracts made from juice, rind, and oil slow down the reproduction of cancer cells and may hasten their death. Some extracts also help reduce blood supply to tumors, starving them and making them smaller.”

Another study recommended it to decrease inflammation in arthritis and joint pains. While pomegranate tops the list of beneficial seeds, hemp, chia, pumpkin, sesame, flax and wheat germs are the other top contenders for the healthy nutrients to our body.

Here are other 6 top seeds and their benefits:

* Hemp for toned muscles: It’s one of the few vegetarian sources of complete protein as it contains all 20 amino acids, key to building calorie-burning muscle. Sprinkle some in a post workout shake for a pine nut-like flavour.

* Chia for strong bones: Eat this earthy-tasting seed for its calcium. Two tablespoons offer as much as a slice of cheddar! Mix half a cup with two and a half cups of unsweetened almond milk, one tablespoon maple syrup and cinnamon to taste, and chill for a tapioca like pudding.

* Pumpkin for energy: This light and nutty pepita houses iron, a mineral that helps maintain high energy levels. Roast one cup of seeds with half a tablespoon each of paprika, chili powder and sea salt for an easy to-go snack.

* Sesame for a healthy heart: The rich seed contains linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that may help control harmful cholesterol. Toasting amplifies flavour and adds a nice crunch to salads.

* Flax for cancer prevention: Nutty flax has cancer-thwarting compounds called lignans and omega-3 fatty acids that reduce disease-causing inflammation.

* Wheat germ for digestion: A small part of a wheat kernel, this slightly sweet seed has inulin, a type of fibre that helps maintain good digestion.


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