"EVENTS IN PARRA PARK We play host to a range of events. See what's happening in your Park this month including free Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Opera Australia concerts!," says the Events Calendar of the park. Will it include racial killings and hate crime now?

‘He stabbed me’ — How Many More Such Incidents Make Australia Wake Up?

“He stabbed me, darling” are the last words of her which will ring in every Indian’s ears hereafter when they visit Sydney, the crime capital of Australia.

The sad killing of an innocent, lonely and helpless woman IT consultant and mother of a 9-year-old child, took place on Saturday night while she was walking alone, talking to her husband on mobile through the Parrakar Park.

The shocking incident has made Indian techies abhor the country that has become a killing ground for Indian students and professionals. Despite the Indian government’s assurance in 2010 and Australian government’s move to make hate crime worth cognizable to attract sentence, nothing seems to have been done to change the Australian appalling crime rate.

In fact, IT companies like Mindtree should be held responsible for defying the basic tenets of providing security to women employees overseas too, the way they do in Bangalore. Have they forgotten HP Global employee Pritibha Murthy rape and murder case of 2004?

All that Mindtree said was: “Our prayers are with the family of the deceased. We are working with the officials of both the countries to help the family to bring the body back to India. We are providing all the necessary support to authorities investigating the case.”

Essentially, neither the tech companies nor the visitors to Australia have learnt any lesson from the spate of killings in 2010 which evoked huge anti-Australia sentiment. Now, the incident of Prabha brings forth the fact that the ground situation in Australia remained the same for Indians despite the high-profile visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi just three months ago.

On its part, the Australian government had promised to enact a anti-hate crime legislation long ago that would consider racial attack a factor in sentencing but the so-called Foreign Fighters bill is still in its parliament sub-committee level.

Ironic but the events calendar in Parra Park says: “We play host to a range of events. See what’s happening in your Park this month including free Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Opera Australia concerts!” Perhaps, they should include “live stabbings” in the list now.


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