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Happy Teej 2015: Why and How Teej is Celebrated?

Teej is a festival which is rooted deep in Indian religious and cultural ethos that is typical to women and it comes in the monsoon season. This year, Hariyali Teej is being observed on 17th August, 2015.

It is believed that the divine couple Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati reunited on this auspicious day and Goddess Parvati took 108 births to have Lord Shiva as her husband.

It is mainly celebrated in northern India in states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Bihar. The ┬átradition of the Teej festival is the swing, as part of traditional women who swing on it for a while. Women also dress up in red, green and yellow ethnic clothes and apply ‘heena’ on their hands.

Girls and women worship Goddess Parvati to seek her blessings for a happy married life. They perform many prayers and rituals and they enjoy it by singing and dancing.

How Teej Puja is processed?

Teej Puja is arranged either in a nearby temple or in a garden. The main puja starts by offereings of flower, sweets and coins. Women keep an idol of Parvati in the centre and then they narrate the the holy ‘Teej katha’ or legend. While listening to the legend, women are expected to put their mind and thoughts towards their soul-mate.

A lamp should always be kept alight throughout the Teej night as it is a bad omen if it goes off.

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