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Happy Ending Review Roundup: Half-way to Being Entirely a Different Movie (With Twitter Reactions)

The movie reviews of Saif Ali Khan’s “Happy Ending” show that the critics are, as they always do, take a dig at how the film claims to be different but fails to meet the aspiration even half the way.

Otherwise, a movie with Saif, his alter ego and Govinda roped in to make it more of a masala as well as a “different film” brings in dissatisfaction among the reviewers. While Subhas K. Jha of IANS gives it a thumbs up and a rating of four stars, other writers like Rihit Vats of Hindustan Times dismisses it off with just two-and-a-half.

Koimoi’s Mohar Basu gives it a rating of three-and-a-half before giving its cinematographers a thumbs up in their effort to bring in a breezy feel good milieu, glossy gorgeous frames, besides the killer dialogues, the straight faced Saif and ‘above all’ Govinda. But on the flip-side of it, the writer terms it as “A semi tenuous second half which falls into the pitfalls and loopholes peculiar to the genre of romantic comedies.”

Here are some early reviews of “Happy Ending”:

‘Happy Ending’ Movie Review: Flawed but Relevant

Subhash K. Jha of IANS gives the film four, which is very high but he finds it worth it, despite some flaws.

“For all its sins of redundancy, “Happy Ending” still manages to keep the narrative in a ceaseless state of sparkle. Saif never does the same thing in exactly the same way twice. This is what keeps him going as the king of the rom-com… In fact, one of the film’s most endearing episodes is when Preity shows up at Saif’s place with her brood of children after a fight with her husband. Dig out dependability in a man who has dumped you? Nice!”

Shot in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the film portrays lot of drama in our relationships that comes from imagined inferences and illusory innuendos. This is where Yudi’s alter ego (Saif in a double role) seems to have been inspired by music composer Pritam.

Govinda plays a tacky Bollywood superstar in pursuit of a script that would take him from the single-screens to the multiplexes in pursuit of his aspiration for a film that “Happy Ending” aims to be. But the write conlcudes that the film at times, is a savagely wicked, sinfully irreverent smart and sassy rom-com. At other times, it just doesn’t move, he adds.

Hindustan Times:”How different actually is ‘different’?”

Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times, giving it a rating of 2.5 out of 5 points, questions whether the film in bold lyrics carries a sentiment that “Happy Ending could be a different film than usual ‘masala’ Bollywood potboilers, but does Happy Ending really turn out to be a ‘hatke’ film?”

Probing further, he says Govinda’s role as successful director throws light on the ongoing Bollywood film-making with jibes on the film industry through Armaan as they make fun of six-pack abs, Bollywoodised versions of Hollywood films and the whole idea behind happy endings.

The promise of delivering a ‘hatke’ film starts losing its ground as the story changes into Love Aaj Kal Part 2 and the becomes so similar that nothing looks different but the heroine.

Happy Ending is two step forward-one step backward towards going full throttle for a really different film. The film begins with, “Pyaar filmon me hi achcha lagta hai, faltoo baatein edit kar dete hain,” and concludes with, “Aisa na karne se effect kam ho jayega.” You may call it the development of the conflict line; I would like to call it the pressure of commercial cinema.

KoiMoi’s Happy Ending Review:

“I won’t call it a perfect film but I laughed at multiple cues, didn’t get all sappy at their breakup and came out smiling. I am not someone who will buy into the maudlin world of ‘Aashiqui’ brand of romance and for me Happy Ending just fits well – live one day at a time, why do you need to know where you are headed and yet, being in love while you walk through the tunnel whose end is dark. I strongly recommend you watch it, because it’s dollops of happy whoopee,” Basu says.

Twitter Remarks/Reviews:

Otherwise, here are some sharp-tongued remarks on Twitter about the movie “Happy Ending” by Saif Ali Khan:



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