Happy Birthday Chiranjeevi but Please Don’t Say 60 Years So Soon: Fans

chiranjeevi happy birth day

Chiranjeevi in his last filmi appearance in his son’s film “Magadheera” in 2009. Chiranjeevi turned 60 today.

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi has not only decided to reveal his real age but also celebrated the 60th birthday in public surprising his fans who find it hard to believe that the younger-looking hero is already on his Shastipurthi.

While his fans expected some revelations on his upcoming 150th movie on the occasion, the celebrity said the film is not finalised as the subject is not yet finalised. However, the actor-turned-politician said the film would be not a social message like Tagore but it will be an entertainer meant for his fans and only fans.

Indirectly, the film would be one of those masal films full of his dance-centric and fans-oriented films bereft of serious message being passed on to the people, he clarified in his interview with the Maa TV and another on Zee TV.

Recollecting his memorable contribution to the general audience and his fans, he said his films served as an industry to keep up the hopes of many people involved in it. In one incident, a cycle stand owner of a theatre in Amalapuram waited in anticipation for his film “Rowdy Alludu” so he could get enough money to get his daughter marriage, which was long-pending.

The dependence of many people on his films made him wade through all problems so the Telugu film industry is on its toes always, he said. Once he is sure to drive the filed in the driver’s seat, he said he was inspired by a news item which said several people died because of non-availability of blood.

Hence, his Chiranjeevi Blood Bank that was started 16 years ago, which took off because he wanted to steer his fans to a social cause that can revive the social spirit to help others. Soon, he said his eye-donation call too was welcomed by people and defended his actions as they are aimed at social good.

Chiranjeevi, who entered politics and became a minister in the last Congress government at the centre, said politics is full of hypocrisy as everyone who speaks to you meant to ask for something in return. Compared to politics, he said the film industry is selfless and there is no one to take away your talent, which is yours only.

Coming to star value and rivalry, he said unlike NTR and ANR, he refrained from making any fan-following turn hostile to other star fans by intentionally making all his birthdays and social functions a ground for all the stars to come and join together repelling any ill-feeling among the fans.

While many fans of Chiranjeevi were surprised to note that the actor has turned 60, Ram Gopal Verma was in the forefront of his fans who said the actor disappointed him by revealing his real age. RGV said Chiranjeevi will remain like a 26-year-old for him always. So, is every fan of Chiranjeevi.

The actor looked decades younger than what his real age is and he will be seen in his 150th film looking much younger than what his last appearance in “Magadheera” was.

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