‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ Roundup of Reviews: Mixed as Ever for Mohit Suri Film

kahaniThe reviews of the movie ‘HamariAdhuri Kahani’ are both positive and negative as usual when it comes to Mohit Suri’s film every year. Few of them trumpet on story, while many harp on actors’ talent, two of them National Award winners.
‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ directed by Mohit Suri was released today across the country. The movie stars Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan and RajKummar Rao. It is said that the movie is based on Mahesh Bhatt’s parents, who is the producer of the movie.
To begin with, let us start with Indian Express writer Shubhra Gupta’s review which proclaims: “You are promised a touching love story; you get zilch.”
Gayatri Gauri of Firstpost writes, “Painful film reduces Vidya Balan to a whimpering mess.”
The Hindustan Times correspondent Rohit Vats writes, “Emraan -Vidya love story lacks intensity.”
Uday Bhatia of Livemint says, “I stalked my ex on Facebook. I punched the wall thrice. Only then did I find myself in the right frame of mind to review a Mohit Suri film.”
All the above mentioned lines speak a lot about the movie but still we can’t judge the three hour long movie in tiny bits of line. Let’s get details about the reviews.
The Indian Express review says, Vidya Balan, Emraan Hashmi starrer is a shockingly empty film. Shubhra Gupta, writes about the expectations from movie when we have three talented actors in the movie who have done excellent job before. She also thinks that Emraan Hashmi is been underrated because she feels that he could have done more.
She says, “At the very least, a tug at the heartstrings. Because a ‘prem kahani’ is nothing if it doesn’t touch you deep inside, and make you yearn.”
Given his early track-record of creating engaging drama, Mohit Suri should have made a full meal of the film, but his material defeats him: it is not only half done, it’s also not well begun. If this was ‘adhuri’, I shudder to think what would have happened if it was ‘poori’.
The Firstpost review with title: Painful film reduces Vidya Balan to a whimpering mess, Gayatri Gauri starts the review with a para of poem and then explains the story. Here it goes:
Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times finds lack of intensity in Emraan-Vidya’s love story.
What could go wrong in a film that boasts of stars such as Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan, and has the backing of one of the most innovative producers of the Hindi film industry? Well, a lot, if the film in question is Hamari Adhuri Kahani.
He feels the transition of the movie is not as per the flow. Basically, points out that the transition was weak due to poor writing.
In the rivetting opening of the film, a bus with a slogan ‘jiyo aur jeene do’ is transcending the roads of Bastar in Chattisgarh. A middle aged woman steps out and heads towards the forest and the expression on her face clearly indicates the rising agony inside her heart, but before we could begin to feel for her, we’re transported to Mumbai, where a high-octane drama awaits the audience.
He also writes about few dialogues from the movie which seemed to be funny and cliche.Quite often, relationship dramas need a silent space which can give the actors a chance to flaunt their prowess with gestures, but the duo of Mahesh Bhatt and Shagufta Rafiq has opted for spoon-feeding and cheesy lines have become their chief tool in this pursuit. Consider this conversation:
Aarav: Vasudha, yeh hai hamare hotel ka garden jisko main apne ek aur hotel me copy karna chahta hoon. Lekin yahan kisi cheez ki kami hai. Kyat tum mujhe bata sakti ho wo cheez kya hai? 
Vasudha: Murjhaye hue patte. Inke bina garden adhura lagta hai. 
The reviewer says, “Yes, we understand that it could be Vasudha’s point of view, but you don’t need to be so in-your-face. So, it only evokes laughter when Aarav replies further: Waah, aapne toh experts ko bhi maat de di.”
Talking about music and overall performance about the movie he writes, Soulful music is Hamari Adhuri Kahani’s other valuable asset and it helps the audience in sustaining this 129-minute-long preachy film.
Hamari Adhuri Kahani is mostly dependent on its lead actors and they’ve done a satisfactory job. It’s one of those films which reveals its latent potential and then fails to capitalise on it. Hamari Adhuri Kahani is watchable, but it is not likely to ignite a passionate fire in your heart.
Uday Bhatia writes it saying, “A twisted love story that ends up being inadvertently funny”. After watching Hamari Adhuri Kahani I went home and wrote a long letter to an old flame. Then I tore it up. I opened Sigmung Freud’s The Ego And The Id and read a page at random. I stalked my ex on Facebook. I punched the wall thrice. Only then did I find myself in the right frame of mind to review a Mohit Suri film.
Suri is Bollywood’s premier director of twisted, pathological romances. Love’s labour is, more often than not, lost in Suri’s films, either through bad fortune or bad choices or some combination of the two. Hamari Adhuri Kahani doesn’t mess with the formula: the three central characters are emotionally damaged, have the worst of luck, and do their best to make things even harder for themselves.
The first 15 minutes are pure Suri: a death, a visit to the psychiatrist, and a man making off with his dead wife’s ashes in the middle of the night. The rest of the film unfolds via one of the least thought-through flashbacks I’ve ever seen: we kind of see things from the husband’s perspective, even though he couldn’t possibly have knowledge of the events being described.
If that doesn’t sound so bad, know that I’ve omitted about a dozen flashbacks, pointless trips to Shimla and Dubai, and enough self-pity and self-destructive behaviour to fuel a Devdas remake. Even if I wrote out the entire plot, I doubt it would give you an accurate picture of how laughably bad Hamari Adhuri Kahani is.
The film is staggeringly literal-minded: when a song talks of sookhi zameen (parched earth), we’re actually shown a desert; when the lyrics mention lips, there’s a helpful close-up of the same. The writing, by Suri’s uncle Mahesh Bhatt, is florid beyond belief, and inadvertently funny. Aarav’s first words to Vasudha, as she’s arranging flowers, are “Beautiful. Main inke liye jaan de sakta hoon (I could die for them).”
The film delays Hari’s return far too long: Aarav and Vasudha’s love story isn’t remotely interesting, and Hari’s crazy-lover routine, though distasteful, does bring some much-needed tension. The actors are left out to dry, though Rao manages to escape with his dignity intact. The same cannot be said of Hashmi (who gets the worst lines) or Balan (who looks like she’s trying too hard). At one point, overcome by gratitude, Vasudha touches Aarav’s feet. I don’t think I’ve laughed more at a movie that wanted me to be crying along with it.
The spoilers alert by Troy Ribeiro of NDTV reviewed the movie to be Director Mohit Suri’s Hamari Adhuri Kahani, an anachronistic, tragic romance that touches an emotional chord, yet, makes you dismiss it as a regressive piece of art. The direction appears confused, with a present-day setting, while the treatment of the plot and characters belong to a bygone era.
The story, with its verbose, melodramatic and regressive dialogues, along with outdated metaphors and symbolism, fits into the 1970s’ mould perfectly. Sadly, the audience today will not relate to it.
Mahesh Bhatt has penned this semi-biographical convoluted saga, with well-etched characters which are intense and complex. High on emotional quotient, he leaves his imprint with the well-structured, tight and intelligently-woven script. But it is the cliched, archaic and effusive expositions that nail the narrative.
Recounted in a non-linear manner and packed with back stories, what holds your attention are the potent performances given by the ace star cast. Those are undoubtedly the key reason to watch the film.
Technically, with excellent production values and decent music, the visuals by cinematographer Vishnu Rao are vibrantly brought to life by his meticulous framing.
Watch this one if you are moved by sad love stories. The good performances are an added bonus.
With all the pros and cons in the movie reviewed by different media outlets may confuse people whether to watch it or not. But for the fans of all the three actors it will be a pretty good shot if they choose to see it as all the three have portrayed unique characters compared to that of the roles in previous in their previous movies.

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