Gut Bacteria Without Food Diversity Causes Diabetes: Study


type 2 diabetes

It’s the gut feeling that makes you healthy and it is a weak gut that makes you prone to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers from Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in US.

To get a strong gut health, researchers suggest people to eat balanced and diversified diet to keep the bacteria ecosystem in your stomach in tact.

Attributing the reduction in diversity of foods that we consume, researchers said this has resulted in reduced richness of gut microbiota or the bacteria that lives in stomach and helps us in dieting and keeps our health in tact.

“Healthy individuals posses a diverse gut microbiota but a reduced microbiotic richness gives rise to Type 2 diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel disease,” said researchers in their paper published in the journal Molecular Metabolism.

Their advice is simple, have more more diverse diet so the microbiome adapt to changes and make your body fit and healthy.

Some studies in the past too have thrown light on how gut bacteria helped humans evolve stronger than other species to be what they are now?

Martin Blaser, microbiologist at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, last year noticed that the stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori could live symbiotically in people’s guts for decades, without causing them any harm.

The fact that the microbes residing within the guts of our ancestors helped the species evolve into more stable and resilient populations and our ancestors were robust enough to handle environmental changes and the natural disasters they encountered, said the study.

So, the gut bacteria is a “real symbiont as an organism that keeps you alive when you are young and kills you when you are old. That is not particularly good for you, but it’s good for the species,” Blaser was quoted as saying in a LiveScience report.

“It is possible that these bacteria helped reduce the number of elderly people in a population, thereby allowing the children to get a greater share of food and resources,” he said. So, now the gut bacteria should be tamed to allow the extraordinarily long childhood that humans experience in comparison with other animals, and also sustain for a longer life.


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