Gun-Toting Goons Scare Residents, Video on Youtube Goes Viral

In a shocking testimony of failure of the police and governance in Bangalore, goons deployed by a builder have occupied the Welfare Association’s office of Ajmera Inifinity in Electronic City showing pistols and guns to hapless residents who are virtually confined to their homes struck with utmost fear unseen in Bangalore till now.

The fight began when the builder arbitrarily tried to use the amenities he had built for the Ajmera Inifinity with his upcoming new projects nearby. The residents’ association opposed it and lodged a police complaint. As usual, the city police, known for its close ties with builders, has remained mute to complaints from the residents and blinked its eye.

Soon, four goons flashing pistols barged into the residential welfare office of Ajmera Infinity, a gated community situated on Neeladri Road in Electronic City. On Thursday, one of the residents recorded a video of the goon flashing a revolver and posted it on social media, evoking shock and ridicule by angry residents of Bangalore at the open display of anarchy in Bangalore.

While Bangalore Police has been known for its pro-builders attitude dissuading filing of any FIR, this is the first time that the residents of flat owners are facing goons with pisotols in any association office with the police refusing to file an FIR.

An Ajmera Infinity resident told Deccan Chronicle, “We have been having a harrowing time with the builder. When we spotted the armed men and asked them as to what they are doing here, the four men said that they belong to Ajmera security.”

Another resident by name Kinjal said the goons camping in the building are misbehaving too. “These goons were sighted taking pictures of women and children in our campus and also found sitting in the previously designated marketing office of Ajmera Housing Corporation at night,” he said.

“We the residents of Ajmera Infinity Apartment located at Niladri Road, Electronic City are being tormented by goons and rowdy elements at the behest of the builder. Local police station is not able to take action,” said another resident.


  1. Rightly said by @SupportVillows, We, the residents of Villows are the ones who are facing all the hardships. This video shows the illegal construction of wall to restrict our entry and also problems residents are facing because of the discontinuation of water supply.

  2. Support Villows

    Could it be any more clear that this article has been portrayed one side of the argument without even bothering to look into the other side. So let me tell you certain facts that you seem to have ignored. The AIAOWA claim to be ‘scared’ by the goons yet they were the ones threatening us, Villows and S&T block residents. They even went as far as breaking the law by cutting our water supply and building a wall to block our access. Shameful acts by an association that claims to be the victim. So who is the real victim here?

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