Guitarmonk Offers Free Guitars to Mitigate Road Rage

Guitarmonk, which is offering music classes and course in Delhi and other places has hit upon a new idea of offering free guitars to reduce the increasing road-rage incidents.

It has introduced two causes to mitigate roadrage — by offering a free guitar for every one, cet par and music therapy in schools and organizations.

A pledge to imbibe music in every one, a pledge to create a new breed of talent to get involved with music, a pledge to motivate people of all age groups to try it and recreate, a way to bring positive change in the society, is what Guitarmonk is aiming at now in a PR strategy that is bound to attract the attendtion of many.

"Giving away free guitars to almost every one so as to boost people by giving it a shot, which is indeed an attempt to bring a new revolution through music," said Guitarmonk in a statement.

"Music is a way to heal, rejuvenate and disconnect yourself from petty politics, brawls and it takes you to a relaxation world," Says Kapil Srivastav of guitarmonk.

So far, Guitarmonk has given free guitars to more than 100 aspirants from diversified backgrounds as IT, government employees, school and college students, lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors and other professionals.


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