Greece Referendum Tomorrow to Say YES to EU, Amid ATM Controls

Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has given the clarion call to voters to say NO to EU in a referendum to be held on Sunday throughout the fiscally battered nation.

addressing about 25,000 people on Friday in Athens, he extolled the supporters to support for a “No” vote in a referendum to strengthen his stand before the global creditors.

EU leaders had earlier warned that a “No” could cause Greece to exit the eurozone but charismatic as he ever was, Tsipras thumped saying: “We are not simply deciding to remain in Europe — we are deciding to live with dignity in Europe. I call on you to say ‘No’ to ultimatums and to turn your back on those who would terrorise you… No one can ignore this passion and optimism.”

But another rally held nearby where 20,000 people gathered to say YES to the plebiscite and said pro-EU stance would eventually bailout the nation from disaster. The current crisis is not merely leaving the EU but ending the misery, say pro_EU supporters.

Greece is undergoing one of its worst feared crisis with severe capital controls imposed on people limiting their weekly withdrawals to 60 euros ($67). Faced with empty coffers, Greece is just a step away from the fiscal collapse.

Already Greece has failed to  make a 1.5-billion-euro payment to the International Monetary Fund, which resulted in its listing as a defaulted nation by a eurozone emergency fund.

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