Govt Slashes Diabetes Tablets’ Prices Among Others

The central government has reduced the prices of some 25 essential drugs by a range of 10 to 35 percent, making those for diabetes further cheap, according to a notification issued by the Drug price regulator, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA).

NPPA chairman Bhupendra Singh told media that the new price list will help patients with chronic diseases and those with diabetes in the country. "Essential medicines need to be kept at affordable limits hence with every new National List of Essential Medicine." The new price cap will come into effect immediately, he said.

However, companies usually revise the prices annually. As per changes in the wholesale price index (WPI), companies will change prices of medicines listed under NLEM annually.

With this new pricing, diabetes drug METFORMIN (MELMET 500 MG TABLET) by MICRO LABS LTD which is currently sold at Rs.34.80 for 15-tablets/strip will be available for Rs.18.75, giving a great relief to diabetic patients. Even plain vitamin C tablets have become cheaper as LIMCEE 500 MG tablets made by Abbott that is being sold at Rs.15.34 will now be available at Rs.11.81.

For the full list of drugs which have been capped under the new NLEM, please click HERE

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