Govt approves wage board recommendations for journalists

The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved the final recommendations of the Wage Boards along with certain corrections and rectifications carried out under Section 12(1) of the Working Journalists and other Newspaper Employees (conditions of Service) & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955.

The Government had earlier constituted two Wage Boards in May 2007.

The Chairman of the Wage Boards, Justice G.R. Majithia submitted the final report to the Government on 31st December, 2010.

The recommendations contained in Chapter XIX and XX of the final report will be published in the Gazette of India for implementation by the newspaper establishments and news agencies.

The revised rates of wages will come into force with effect from 1st July, 2010 and other allowances like transport allowance, house rent allowance, hardship allowance shall be effective from the date of notification of the awards in the Gazette.

More than 40,000 newspaper employees in the country will be benefited by this decision.

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