Government to initiate case against Nestle

Government decides to take strict action against Nestle after the final report as only one out of thirteen samples of Maggi Noodles were found to be genuine.

The press release states that on receipt of an email from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and newspaper reports, the Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health, the Food Safety Officers of the department were directed to collect samples of Maggi Noodles from various parts of Delhi.

The Delhi government made it clear in a statement, "Last week, a total of 13 samples of Maggi Noodles were lifted and on test/analysis of the same it was found that in case of masala (tastemaker) part of the Maggi Noodles, 10 masala samples were found unsafe having lead exceeding the prescribed limits. The prescribed maximum limit of lead is 2.5 ppm. Five samples of masala were also having monosodium glutamate without proper label declaration. This falls under the category of misbranding."

The press release stated that the government has decided to initiate a case against the company for selling unsafe product and fine the company for misbranding of product.

"The officials of Nestle will also be summoned by the Delhi Government. The detailed and final report of the test/analysis is awaited and the government has decided to take further strict action in the case once it is received." the authorites added.

The shares of Nestle have taken a plunge on Monday by 10% and are currently trading at Rs. 6,457.60, compared to its previous close of Rs. 6,803.25 and is rapidly declining.

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