Goons and Railways: Woman with Baby Jumps Off Train, Husband Follows

In a shocking incident of goons harassing women in general compartment, a woman with a small baby jumped off Mahanandra Express near alipore in West Bengal and her husband too jumped off later to save the family. The woman and her husband sustained injuries and were hospitalised in a Divisional Railways Hospital.

The incident is one of many such incidents which have been reported all over the country with Railways expressing helplessness to address such eve-teasing incidents on trains, let alone provide safety from goons who regularly travel on trains looking for targets. Moreover, the region is known for maximum ticketless travel in the country and ticket examiners have often reported inability to address the problem.

While the issue of harassment of women is not merely confined to general compartments, it is also evident in reserved and air-conditioned compartments. Especially women travelling alone are the main victims and the problem has often been attributed to under-staffed Railway Police personnel.

Recently some agitated passengers ransacked the Bagnan railway station in Howrah district and thrashed train ticket examiners (TTEs) after a woman they alleged was thrown off a moving train by the TTEs, South Eastern Railway. Railway officials denied and blamed the woman herself for jumping off the train when TTEs were chekcing for tickets.

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