Google Working on 3D Computer Tablet?

Now that Google has relinquished Motorola, it is focusing on tablet computers and its next move is to manufacture a tablet computer capable of taking 3D images and WSJ reports already 4,000 devices are underway for release next month.

The tablet, with two rear-facing cameras and advanced imaging software, will be on display at the forthcoming Google developers’ conference in June.

In March, Google showcased its Project Tango, that brings 3D technology and a prototype smartphone had been given out to 200 developers to test its reach out with infrared sensors.

After the Google Glass eyewear computer, Google 3D tablet computer will take Google’s next product strategy. While announcing its Project Tango, Google said it is focusing on “a mobile device that shares our sense of space and movement, that understands and perceives the world the same way we do.”

In the past, 3D devices have suffered heavily to penetrate the lukewarm response in the market, said Jack Kent, an analyst at IHS. “If Google really pushes it, that might change the dynamics of the market,” he told the BBC.

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