Google Top Searches Last Week: Trouble in paradise tops

googleThe two hurricanes Julio and Iselle, which hit Hawaii topped the search list on Google last week August 1 to 7, 2014 while surprisingly the reality TV show “Bachelor in Paradise” too engrossed the teenagers.

Julio and Iselle were barreling towards the islands with 90 mph winds, flash floods and hordes of searches with them. “If Iselle makes landfall, she’ll be the first hurricane to hit the Big Island since 1950. Julio, like the tag-a-long younger brother, is right on Iselle’s tail. You can review tips on how to stay safe during hurricane season here,” writes Jenise Araujo, Communications Associate of Google, who searched for reality tv and sitcoms.

Apart from the Hawaiian hurricane, searchers had a virtual panic attack when Facebook went down for a couple hours on Friday. Shocked addicts to Facebook were worried and one smart alec even called the police to assist with the social media emergency shutdown.

Meanwhile, a toxin called “microcystin” that is contaminating the waters in parts of Ohio, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to stockpile bottled water and search for answers on the Internet, constituted the major chunk of searchers online.

Far from the troubles and craziness of real life, one reality TV turned out to be the show grabber. Viewers and searchers tuned in to watch the premiere of the “Bachelor in Paradise”, an elimination-style show where contestants compete for love and get eliminated.

“This is probably not what Cervantes meant when he wrote that all’s fair in love and war,” writes wryly the Google social media watcher Araujo.

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