Google is planning to roll out paid music service in India priced at Rs.99 per month. (File Photo, IANS)

Google to Roll Out Paid Music Service in India’s Crowded Free Market

Forget free services from Google, everything is going to be a paid service soon and heralding a beginning in this direction, Google India is rolling out a music service priced at Rs.89, if registered in inaugural month or Rs.99, if registered later.

Last year, Google acquired 35 million songs and different albums paying Rs.15 per song and Rs.100 per album and signed agreements with music conglomerates extensively to start the new service. But what is self-defeating for Google is that it is no longer a free-service like its earlier products.

One new feature is that people can upload their own music or songs up to 50,000 and they can avail ad services for their free uploads. The Google Music app can be downloaded from the Google Play services for the iOS, Android, or the Web which can be accessed with a Google account.

A wide variety of genre selection with choice for regional or global music numbers will be available, assures Google.

The pertinent question is whether Google has done diligence to roll out a paid musci service in a cost-conscious market like India when similar services are available free of cost at a variety of sites like Gaana, Raaga, Naa Songs (Telugu) and thousands of others. So, why should one pay to spend time in searching out of 35 millions just to listen some favourite songs?

Google says its app can monitor the location of the user based on his device, either computer or smartphone, and gives him an offer to listen to mood songs, popular songs or others. But whether it would pick up in India where everything is available free online with even Jio offering 4G services at virtually free or about Rs.10 per GB per day.

One should let Google another chance to try its business instincts, that too in India.

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