Google Plans Update with Microsoft Invention ‘Pointer Events’ to Enhance Scrolling Experience

google-officeGoogle will take a few lessons from Microsoft Explorer’s user’s scrolling experience and apply them on its Chrome browser to support Pointer Events.

Pointer Events was a standard made and introduced by Microsoft in its Internet Explorer that might help Google Chrome to enhance the capability of the general touch support for Chrome browser on a Windows tablet, especially in scrolling performance.

Pointer Events also provides technical advantage over the current Touch Events and Mouse Events softwares, according to a report in The Verge. It said Google has always focused on Touch Events, which was used by Apple in its Safari browser. However, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera have Pointer Events and Google Chrome may soon follow it.

Google hopes that with Pointer Events, its scrolling and touch experience should dramatically improve in Chrome, on mobiles and tablets. Google took the decision on the feedback from its engineers.

Google Chrome OS engineer Rick Byers told Verge, “replacing all touch event handlers with pointer event handlers will address the main longstanding source of scroll-start jank we see on Android.”

With a combination of Pointer Events and its current Touch Events, Google hopes to develop a new standardised support for a better performance. The beta version will go on and off on handheld devices for some time now before Google rolls it out for all users.

While Google and Microsoft have differed on privacy policies, both firms worked closely on making YouTube on Windows Phone recently. Rick Byers complemented saying “Jacob Rossi on the IE team has been very helpful” to help his team with its adoption of Pointer Events.

Google is pondering its technical hurdles before it could implement the standard alongside its existing Touch Events support.



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