Google Planning Whatsapp Rival, with More Localized Features, Languages: Report

google data centerSearch giant Google has decided to take on Facebook-owned Whatsapp that has penetrated the remote areas of the cornermost regions of the world with its own version of a mobile messaging app, that can be available in local languages and provide localized features.

The Economic TimesĀ  reported on Friday, citing sources, but Google has denied to comment on the report saying the company never comments on speculations. Since there is no way to confirm the news, it is making rounds as an early stageĀ  project that Google keeps under wraps unless proved and tested successfully.

Mobile chat is currently confined to Whatsapp and has reached billions of users across the world as it is free for one year and the charges after that are negligible at less than $10 per annum.

Whatsapp has been recently bought over by Facebook. Link is another similar version available now.

It is not new that Google has ventured into every social networking mode, beginning with the Orkut ten years ago and scrapped it last month with its new Google+ in vogue and picking up though it could not withstand Facebook or Twitter.

Google never relented though on venturing into unknown areas of tech reach with its ballon-based internet connectivity or free internet in inaccessible areas or localized free wi-fi facilities in urban areas, where it has better penetration.

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