Google Maps to Let Reserve Table in Restaurants in US Cities on Go

The decade-old Google Maps feature will present its users and visitors a new feature of making restaurant reservations directly using the app, while on the go or while travelling, besides comparing the pickup times and fares with Uber to other way of reaching the spot via public transit or even walkable distance.

Introduced only in the US cities, users in the next few days can unravel the features inserted in their Google Maps app, which include 3D-esque layouts featuring general outline of large buildings and complexes in brighter colors, with the latest designs.

They can instantly reserve in retaurants, which figure on OpenTable. Those with Uber app installed on their mobile device will now be able to compare pick-up times with walking and transit times too directly from Google Maps, instead of putting off the app and moving into the other for a ride.

Apart from Google Maps, Facebook too allows online reservation site OpenTable to develop a mobile feature to book a table directly on the restaurant’s Facebook Page without opening a new app or web page.


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