Google Maps Adds Indian Railways Train Timings, Bus Routes Info for 8 Cities

Directions in Google Maps, despite several shortcomings, are still very sought-after information in India and now the search giant has partnered with Indian Railways to provide schedules and updated information about delays to simultaneously appear alongside the information.

To be available for eight cities, the new application called Google Transit will allow users to access information about 12,000 trains. In addition, Google Transit will provide bus routes update and metro routes in these 8 cities, said Google in a blog post.

The eight cities include Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Not to be confused with Google Translate, Google Transit is a feature in Google Maps just like directions to help people plan their public transportation in India, which is beset with many problems and delays still.

“Google Transit is part of our effort to make Google Maps more comprehensive, accurate and useful for millions of people around the world who take buses, trains, metros or trams to their next destination,” Suren Ruhela, director of Google Maps said.

He said the Indian Railways schedules all over India and updated information for 8 cities in Google Transit will make it easier to plan any trip in India now. Currently, Google Maps provides similar information for more than one million transit stops in 2,800 cities world over, including New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney.

However, Google Transit will effectively kill all those real-time Google Maps websites giving information about the  train systems, including the Rail Radar, which takes info mostly from the IRCTC-CRIL.

Google Transit also seeks expand network challenging the traditional websites which may find it difficult to survive. “If you provide a transportation service that is open to the public, and operates with fixed schedules and routes, we welcome your participation – it is simple and free,” says Google on its Google Transit page.

Otherwise, Google Transit page first seeks know your location and gives options on from and to destinations.  In addition it asks transit mode and best route options. Once users provide the info and enter, it gives the entire transit modes like car, bus, Indian rail network on a Google Map.

In addition it provides the bus routes and metro transportation services as follows:


  • Multi-Region

    • Indian Railways
    • KDMT
  • Ahmedabad
    • AMTS
    • BRTS
  • Bengaluru
    • BMRC
    • BMTC
  • Chennai
    • MTC
  • Gurgaon
    • RMGL
  • Hyderabad
    • APSRTC
  • Kolkata
    • CSTC
    • CTC
    • KMRC
    • NBSTC
    • SBSTC
    • WBSTC
  • Mumbai
    • BEST
    • MMOPL
    • MMRDA
  • Navi Mumbai
    • NNMT
  • New Delhi
    • DIMTS
    • DMRC
    • Delhi Transport Corporation
  • Pune
    • PMPML
  • Thane
    • TMT




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