Google launches new email service ‘Inbox’: New Specs Make Life Easier

Google Inc has always been on a mission to make your life easier, and with the launch of its latest app, Inbox, it surpasses another milestone. Inbox is not a replacement for its principal mailing application; rather it makes your emailing experience uncomplicated.

The new application was released on Wednesday on an invite-only basis and comes with a tagline ‘an inbox that works for you.’ The first round of invitations has already been sent to selected users. However, if you can’t wait to explore the new app, you may email the company at to get an invitation as soon as it is available, Google said in a blog

Coming to its specifications, Inbox has been given an attractive social media-like user interface to gain competitive advantage over other younger mailing apps such as Mailbox and Boxer. It features options to bundle emails according to categories or importance, custom schedule emails and set remainders for day-to-day activities.

When set on reminders, Inbox goes an extra mile of providing you the number of the person you need to call or the navigation route to the restaurant where you have reserved a seat  or even a link to check in for the flight you are expected to  board.

The app lets you dismiss or snooze an email according to your convenience. If you don’t have to reply to a mail until the next day, you may snooze it with a swipe for a later time you choose. The email pops up when it has to be attended, helping you in remembering and scheduling your appointments.  Inbox also sends rea-time updates of product deliveries bought from e-commerce sites.

Inbox also helps in navigating through the cluster of emails by highlighting what may be important to its users such as booking status, travel information or documents and photos in your mailbox. Similar to the star feature in the desktop gmail format, here it lets users pin the important messages.

However, the messages pinned on Inbox does not convert to starred message on desktop format, some critics have complained. But Inbox has a desktop version, which goes well with the smartphone app.

The application runs on operating systems of Android Jellybean or above and iOS 7 or above.




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