Google Invite for Sept 15 Hints at ‘Android One’ Launch? Black Background Defeats Indian Sentiment

inviteGoogle has sent an official invite to media houses seeking them to ‘Block the date’ on Septemebr 15 for some event not mentioned but triggering speculations that it would be the much-awaited launch of its “Android One” program in India.

The invite printed in black background said “Block your date for an exciting new announcement from Google” and gives the date below like “Monday, September 15 from 12 noon” and in smaller letters beneath says “More details closer to the date!” with its colourful logo Google beneath it. But Google should have realized that black background is tantamount to inauspicious announcements or occasions.

What led to speculations about the nature of the launch was the rounded suare mobile handsets in red, white, yellow and green as if they are mini-tablets like iPad Mini.

Google is expected to launch the Android One program with its Indian hardware partners Micromax, Intex, Celkon, Spice and Karbonn, said FirstPost taking a shot at the event. The rumour was there already for sometime that Google will be launching its Android One in September or October along with the mobile handsets, which will run on Android software meant for the entry level segment in India.

In June, Google had announced that its Android One phones will be priced in the range of $100 (Rs.6,000) during its I/O event. The invite with colourful squares intersecting each other signals, which Firstpost said hints at ‘L’ meaning the launch of “the next big version of Android.”

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