Google Goes Patent Crazy, Seeks one for ‘Creepy’ Toys, Another for Flying Wind Turbine, Even for Anti-Aging

googlecarGoogle has filed an interesting patent application for toys which watch moving objects and interact with other media devices in a room.

According to the patent filed before the US Patent and Trademark Office, the toys, say rabbit and bear, fixed with micrphones, cameras, speakers and motors to move their heads, not only make an eye contact but also interact and exchange commands with pre-recorded messages.

The toys also interact with other devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to play videos or songs for children whose command pattern is pre-recorded. The interactive toy can communicate with at least one remote entity, which could be a mobile phone.

The patent application notes that the toy device works like an “intelligent remote control” for home entertainment and activate automation systems.

“The anthropomorphic device may be a doll or a toy that resembles a human, an animal, a mythical creature or an inanimate object,” said the patent. Filed by Google in the name of Richard Wayne DeVaul and Daniel Aminzade as inventors in 2012, the patent adds value to Google’s foray into homes soon.

Google, which has termed patents as rubbish and stifling innovation by sub-standard patents used in courts, has been on a roller coaster recently to get at least 10 patents per day by Google inventors.

Google has accumulated hundreds of patents and filed for thousands for patent rights since 2003, when it had only four patents in hand. Last year alone, Google was awarded around 1,800 patents.

With Android OS, Google requires as many patents as possible with more than 1.5 million Android phones getting activated daily around the world. With its dogged pursuit for more patents like Apple, Google attorneys are on a spree to patent whatever ideas they could. Now, Google is the third or fourth largest winner of software patents, after IBM and Microsoft, said a Harvard study.

Besides Motorola Mobility’s 17,000 patents and 7,000 patent applications, Google has shopped more than a thousand patents from IBM and others that it controls more than 60,000 patents and patent applications.

From patents related to create indoor maps for mobile phones to a method of determining the 3-D location of traffic lights so automated cars can see them. Some wild patents acquired by Google include flying wind turbines and anti-aging research too.

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