Google gives new digital twist to Ramzan tradition

As the world Muslims begin fasting during the holy month of Ramzan from Friday, Google has come out with some venerable Ramzan traditions online.

Besides, sharing the Islamic prayers live from Mecca on a dedicated YouTube channel, it will attract millions of people from around the world to experience and comment on the event through video.

“Ramadan is about more than just prayer; it is also a special moment to gather with friends and family. Muslims gather to watch special television shows produced for the holiday and shown only during Ramzan. Often the shows overlap in scheduling. This year, for the first time, YouTube is enabling people to watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. A new YouTube Ramzan channel lets viewers see more than 50 premium Ramzan shows the same day they air.”

One such video shows Syrian actor Jamal Suliman in a drama, while another focuses on good food. “Ramzan’s tastiest tradition is the food. After fasting through the day, families gather for evening break-the-fast meals called Iftar. Through Google+ Hangouts, we’re hosting 30 virtual get-togethers in the 30 days of Ramzan, in which celebrity chefs will share their favourite recipes and doctors will give tips on eating healthy,” said Google on its blog.

Maha Abouelenein, Google’s Head of Communications Middle East and North Africa, wrote that the hangouts will engage people in some favourite Ramzan shows. Actors will talk about their favorite Ramadan shows. Poets will discuss literature inspired by the holiday. Religious figures will answer questions. To access, tune in to the Google Arabia page on Google+ and join.

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