Google Gets Patent for ‘Fragrance Emission Device’ That Can Also Track You Forever

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Google has been awarded a patent for a “fragrance emission device” that can be worn inside the dress to keep the bad odor of the body under control or send out fragrance for people nearby. But, more than that Google is actually goggling at detecting a user’s location, surroundings and his need to locate or ward off friends and enemies.

The fragrance emission device has sensors that can detect the physical activity of the user and also gives access to his social media accounts using “a wireless or wired communication network,” reports said.

Concealed under the clothes, the device uses its sensors to keep tabs on user’s odour levels, releases fragrances to keep you fresh within the requirements, without wasting even one extra spray on your body.

Surely, Google is betting on its popular use, especially among women who adore odourlessness and acquire fragrance in abundance. While the apparent use is global, there is also a hidden use with the device.

It can keep track of where your are, via your Google+ account, can locate your friends and foes alike within the vicinity, and alert or warn you if they are approaching nearer. Essentially, the device can learn all your social contacts, your friends, family and forewarn you if they are nearby in any traffic signal or a restaurant or mall.

The device helps you avoid ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, if required, or take a detour in another road to avoid an approaching danger in the form of a known attacker.

Here again, taking cue from Google Maps, the device will guide you on alternate routes in the twon to avoid unfriendly people. Until and unless Google finds a mechanism to integrate its Google Earth or Google Maps in everything new, it will not rest.

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