Google Genomics Partners with Broad Institute for Cloud-based Medical DNA Analysis Software

Google Genomics has rolled out new cloud service version of the popular DNA analysis software from the Broad Institute, a biomedical research organization.

The Google Inc tie-up with Broad Instittue comes as Google is becoming the best suitor for the research or academic institutions and healthcare companies of late, compared to Inc, Microsoft Corp and IBM Corp, to host and analyze genetic databases.

The DNA analysis alone holds a whopping potential worth $1 billion by 2018, analysts say.

The Broad Institute, with talent pool of scientists from Harvard University, MIT and Harvard-affiliated hospitals, offers Genomic Analysis Tool Kit, or GATK, to analyze genomic sequencing data and has been downloaded 20,000 times by researchers and businesses, Broad’s CEO Samantha Singer said.

Google Genomics is a cloud-based software and learning how to use it is taught as part of academic biomedical curricula and Google is yet to fix its price, including its cloud computing fees.


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