‘Google Fortunetelling’ Seeks Money for Refugees, Not Fortune-Telling App

A new app aimed at creating awareness about the refugee problem is going viral online as it claims itself as betagoogle.com, though it has no connection with search engine Google but fakes the appearance and look similar to Google.

Netherlands-based creative communications agency BrainMedia has floated the site, which links to the donations page of UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency to raise awareness and charity to help refugees.

It has attracted attention as it claims to predict your future going by the name ‘Google’ Fortunetelling-Predict your future, the app that it will ask you to raise any query about your future. When people type a question, restricted options like "Will I be ever united with my family?", "Will humans ever stop fighting?", "Is there a place where they will accept me?" will pop up.

When you select a choice and click the predict button, it will take you to the page which gives answers to these set questions and nothing related to fortune-telling.

Jort Boot, owner of BrainMedia defends it saying the campaign was aimed at creating awareness about the refugee crisis on hand. He said, “The campaign is very successful worldwide right now. It’s amazing. We are very happy that people care about this problem and are sharing it and creating awareness around the world.”

The refugee crisis has shot into headlines after a dead boy washed ashore in Europe and a fleeing refugee father with his son in hands was trippeed by a saddist Hungarian camera woman.

Many of these refugees are fleeing to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and Libya not knowing how or what future would be. The website claims it directs visitors to help refugees by giving money to charities.

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