Google Fit: Latest Update Counts Calories, Tracks Distance and More

google asiansAndroid fitness app, Google Fit, just got better. Fit version 1.52 now will track you distance and calorie counts.
Users will simply have to key in their height, weight, and gender in their Google Fit and the app will calculate the calorie, distance covered from there.

Before this update, Google Fit only tracked steps and time spent walking, running or biking. It depended on third-party apps to track other metrics.

What’s more? The updated version of the fitness app, which is now available on Play Store, Google created a widget that users can add to their home screen as a reminder of the daily goals and activities of workouts.

For those using an Android Wear device, Google Fit has come up with a new watch face which shares a resemblance with standard manual clock but has the same widget as for the Android homescreen.

Users will be able to track their fitness history is a new way. Google Fit has tweaked the app a bit by grouping by days, weeks or months to get an understanding of the activities.

Google Fit can also sync with third-party apps with the help of a software development kit (SDK) that was announced along with the app’s official announcement. The SDK made it simpler for developers to look at the tools that come with Google Fit for Android so they could start building apps for the fitness tracking platform.

Apps that are integrated with Google Fit include, Strava, Nike Running, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach. The third-party apps will show the users their fitness data in one place.

Released only last year, Google announced Google Fit last summer – a few weeks after Apple announced its HealthKit platform for iOS 8. While Apple’s Health app assimilates with wellness tracking apps and apps for connected medical devices like glucometers and medication adherence apps, Google Fit is mainly focuses only on fitness.

Akin to Samsung’s SAMI platform, Google Fit provides developers with a single set of APIs. This makes various apps and devices to converse with each other and users can get more context from their various, disparate fitness metrics.

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