Google employee arrested for blackmailing ex-classmate over nude photos

A 23-year-old Google employee, who tried to get nude pictures of his former classmate for use in breast size research and paid her, later resorted to blackmailing her for more nude pictures that led him to jail for allegedly cyberstalking her, a media report said.

According to a San Francisco Chronicle report, Nicholas Rotundo, an internal technology employee at Google, posed as a researcher studying ‘the public’s perception of different breast types’ and invited a former classmate from the University of Texas at Dallas to share her naked photos to be part of the study, in return for monetary compensation.

Rotundo allegedly succeeded in getting some photographs ofher and posted some documents on “The Smoking Gun” website. But he did not stope there and sent her another fictious e-mail threatening her to shre more nude photos or get exposed with her old photos online.

Alarmed by the turn of events, the girl immediately alerted university authorities and an investigation led the team pinpoint Rotundo, who was later arrested on charges of “cyberstalking”.

(With inputs from IANS)

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