Today's Google Doodle on World Cup 2015 eve.

Google Doodle on World Cup Greets 1 Billion People Around the World

Google kicked off the ICC World Cup 2015 with a doodle on Friday to honour cricket, the national game and passion in more than 10 former Commonwealth countries.

The doodle described the six letters of the word ‘Google’ in six different aspects of the game, without even one of them the game would be redundant.

The first letter ‘G’ shows an umpire in blue who is signaling the fall of a wicketand the second letter ‘O’ is shown with a bowler who is just about to flash the ball out of his hands with his sleeve being pulled back and the bowling action nearly complete.

The third letter ‘O’ is a batsman in yellow who is making a move to attack the ball in a defensive sho. The fourth letter ‘G’ shows another batsman in blue trying hook shot.

The fifth letter “L’ shows a fielder in green which is broader indication of the fielding team trying to catch a ball.

The most important stumps and bails are aptly depicted at both ends of the pitch are shown between the fifth and sixth letters of the world ‘GOOGLE’ with the last letter ‘E’ showing a wicket keeper in red trying to close in on the stumps.

The wicket keeper is also seen wearing a cap for some unknown reason that media attributed to difficulty in portrayal.

Otherwise, the doodle is a perfect honour to the game that dictates more than a billion people in the world, India being the largest country addicted to the game that US philosopher Bernard Shaw once ridiculed as a fools’ game.

Last year too, Google created a special doodle for the India-Sri Lanka Cricket T20 World Cup 2014 finalshowing various facets of the sport. The six letters in the word Google have been replaced by cricketing figures — a fielder, a ball, a batsman and also spectators.

Google Doodle created last year in April 2014 coinciding with India-Sri Lanka final.

Google Doodle created last year in April 2014 coinciding with India-Sri Lanka final.

In comparison, today’s doodle is an improvement and shows the facets of the game in more clarity.


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